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How to Create, Govern, and Manage Data Products

Practices and Products You Need to Know

December 13, 2023 - 11:30-2:30  Eastern

Data products promise to deliver high-quality data sets to business users on demand.

This event will explore how, why, and to what degree organizations are implementing data products today.


You will learn: 

  • The key components of a data product

  • How to build data products from data assets

  • How to create data contracts and deliver on promises

  • How to create a data product mindset

  • How to select a platform to publish data products

The Speakers



Wayne Eckerson Cropped.jpg

Wayne Eckerson 

President, Eckerson Group

Eckerson is a global thought leader who has written hundreds of articles, dozens of reports, and two books on data & analytics. He is a sought after speaker and consultant. 

Michael Ross

Senior VP of Data Products, Blue Sky Specialty Pharmacy

As the Senior Vice President of Technology at Blue Sky Specialty Pharmacy, Michael Ross leads digital transformation initiatives, impacting pharmacy operations and enhancing patient and physician experiences. 






AN headshot color.jpg

Anupam Nandwana

CEO, P360

As a lifelong professional in the life sciences industry, Anupam's data and AI expertise and entrepreneurial spirit have given him the power to create P360 as it is today. P360 has blossomed exponentially over the decade – and now, as a technology flagship in this industry, it is poised for further greatness.


Data Experts


Anthony Deighton

Data Products General Manager, Tamr

Anthony has more than 20 years of experience scaling enterprise software companies. He has served as chief marketing officer, head of product management and marketing, and chief technology officer, among other roles. 

Richard Hall

CEO, Coginiti

Rick has a passion for data & analytics and has served in leadership positions in the field for 30+ years, including stints at Nielsen, Acosta, and G4 Analytics prior to taking the helm of Coginiti in 2020. 

Rick-Hall-Headshot_after (1).jpg


Data Experts



December 13, 2023

All times are Eastern

11:30 AM



Trends and Perceptions in Data Products 

- By Wayne Eckerson, President at Eckerson Group 

12:15 PM

Practitioner Q&A 

- By Wayne Eckerson, President at Eckerson Group 

- Michael Ross, Senior VP of Data Products at Blue Sky Specialty Pharmacy 

- Anupam Nandwana, CEO at P3560

12:30 PM

Featured Presentation


How to Create Data Products as Reusable Data Components: The Key to Data Agility and Value

- By Richard Hall, CEO at COGINITI

12:50 PM

Featured Presentation

Demystifying Data Products: Essential Insights for Business and Technical Buyers

- By Anthony Deighton, Data Products General Manager at Tamr

1:15 PM

Expert Panel 

- By Wayne Eckerson, President at Eckerson Group

- By Richard Hall, CEO at COGINITI

- By Anthony Deighton, Data Products General Manager at Tamr

Subject to change*

1:45 PM

Key Takeaways and Wrap Up (30 minutes)

Image by Headway

The CDO TechVent

Emerging Technologies for Data Leaders

The CDO TechVent is a 2.5-hour virtual event that educates data and analytics leaders about emerging technologies and best practices for implementing them.

The Venue

Why Attend? 

  • Discover the latest trends shaping data and analytics.

  • Accelerate the evaluation of emerging technologies and products.

  • Learn from success stories to kickstart your innovation.

  • Leave with a short list of products tailored to your organization. 

Image by Andrei Stratu

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